Make-Up & Trial Classes


Make-Up Classes

Any missed class may be made up during the current session in classes where space is available.  Vacationing?…Make-ups may be made before or after a planned absence.


Class Trial:

Class trial requests are processed in the order received and are subject to availability. 


Reservations for Make-Up and Trial Classes:

Requests must be booked online at least 3 days in advance and are not allowed during the last week of the session as this is our class mini-performance.  (To reserve a trial or make-up for sooner than 3 days away, please contact the studio directly.)

In the event that the requested class has become unavailable due to full enrollment, you will be contacted to select a second choice.


Please note: 

MAKE-UP classes are reserved for students who are currently enrolled in class.   Please process your make-up request during your current session.


Click the link below to view the class schedule in a pop-up window.  Once you have chosen a class for a trial, please complete the form below to make a reservation.



Fairytale Summer Schedule                     Academy Summer Schedule