Pre Ballet: Spring 2022

Class Overview

An entry level Academy class that transitions from our Fairytale Ballet division into the Academy division during the year. Fairytale Ballets begin to encompass Classical Ballet Stories allowing students to become familiar with the music, characters and themes of the traditional staged ballets. *Optional Tap available. Choose upon enrollment.


Assists in the developing of gross motor skill such as running to leap

Builds self-esteem and self-confidence

Reduces stress with an inward focus, stretching and controlled breathing


Jan 24th – June 26th


Age & Class Options
K & 1st Grade

1 hour class (ballet)

1 hour 15 minutes (ballet & tap)


Class Leotard, pink ballet shoes and tights, black tap shoes, hair in bun.

*Class attire information will come in a class welcome email and on the 1st day of class, or you may call to inquire.


Performance Opportunities

Annual Ballet Recital:  June 19th



Total: $420.00