Keeping your ballerina safe during this time is our top priority.


We are open for in-person classes, camps & parties AND also virtual classes & parties.

Custom group classes are available for groups that wish to limit enrollment to specific participants.  (These groups will be closed to outside enrollment.)


What we are doing in the studio:

Sanitizing: Daily and in-between classes.

Hand washing:  Staff and all students when entering the classroom.

Hand sanitizer:  Available and used as needed.

Social distancing: In class and waiting rooms/lobby

Limited class size:  To maintain space and stay within the current restrictions.

Individual non-shared props and camp supplies:  Students are assigned their own supplies that will be for their individual use during the summer camps, seasonal camps and all classes.  Any item that must be shared is used by one student, sanitized, and set aside for use during another week.

Costume use:  Costumes are not used during this time.  Costume accessories may be integrated into the classroom if there is enough for each student during the week.

Class times:  Adjusted time between classes to allow for sanitizing and social distancing.

Enter/Exit policies:  Arrival of no more than 5 minutes prior to class.  Exiting within 5 minutes after class.

Wellness policy:  Students & parents must have no signs of illness to enter our facility.

Staff wellness:  Staff must have no signs of illness to enter our facility.

Masks:  Masks to be worn in our facility.  Mask are optional for students 2 years and under.

​Chicago requirements:  As they are announced, all requirements for our business will be upheld for your safety!