Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time



We believe
dance education should be extraordinary.


Our mission

To create a lifelong love of ballet by providing a positive and enriching ballet program



Founding principles

Children learn best when engaged


Once upon a time

A Fairytale Ballet was formed under the principle that children learn best when in engaged while in a positive and stimulating environment, and that ballet is a combination of many artistic elements and so much more than just barre and center work.

In the year 2000, our founder Tanya Johns created the Fairytale Ballet program based on her belief that ballet class can and should be educational, engaging and fun.  Since then it has grown to include an Academy program that continues to enrich children with multiple components of ballet to help them prepare for future dance training.

Tanya John’s innovative program was featured in Dance Teacher Magazine and has extended its reach beyond the classroom to work with Montessori schools, Girl Scouts of America®, Private Schools, and multiple after-school programs.

A Fairytale Ballet’s story has been twirling for over 20years!

We hope that you and your child find moments to enjoy dance and welcome you to tiptoe through our doors anytime.


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